The way he stands next to me…

Hey Ladies!

Yesterday, I went to Universal Studios Hollywood. Oh I had so much fun. I absolutely love movies so this was just a great trip!

The rides are so fun and the food in City Walk is just delicious!

Today, I want to talk to you about something really dumb but the whole time God kept talking to me about it. I know it was God because of what it sounded like.

So go back to the video and watch the love of my life, my one and only, the owner of my dreams… Vin Diesel. Watch the way he gets close to the character Letty.

Ok go back and I will wait for you here…


He is dreamy isn’t he?

Ok, ok uh stop agreeing and back off he is mine!!!

Ok… let’s go back to the nonverbal communication there.

Really simple… he gets super close to her. No hugs. No kisses. Just close. Right?

So I should explain that this video was taken by me even tho I was told not to. BUT MY GOODNESS!! I knew Vin Diesel was going to be there!!! I had to take at least a quick picture. What you see is a hologram of the characters. They look really life like. It was hard not to think that he was actually there. So if you see that my camera is not pointing to the whole group and well it’s just bad recording… now you know that I was hiding my phone.

Ok now… when I was watching this thing, of course my eyes were directed to My Man. So it was easy for me to see his body language. I was admiring him. I still have no idea what the story is about…AND THE MOMENT he got super close to Letty The Lord reminded me of this new guy I have been praying for…

He does this to me all the time… AND I always think it is kinda sweet and nice but I never really thought about it until I saw it in my Vin Diesel.

You are probably thinking… ok when are you getting to the reason for this post… well I am trying to get there… so stop thinking stuff to yourself.

You see… text book tells us that this kind of behavior is a very primitive one. Guys tend to do these kind of behaviors… that in my mind make them super cute.

So this body language is saying to the rest of the people: “She is mine” “I will hurt you if you get close” “I am not going anywhere” “you have no chance with her” among other things…and to her, he is saying: “you are mine” “you are valuable” “I am here” “I want you close” “I don’t care who is watching, I choose you” among other things.

I haven’t felt wanted or desired by someone who I also felt the same way in a long time. I wanted and desired the guy and the guy never did.

So having this happen to me gave me the “this is different” kinda feel. I keep having second thoughts about this new guy. I keep thinking that I shouldn’t go with it. I have mixed feelings… new guy… new people… new habits… new humor… new environments… new everything. I am so used to the old. I still love the old. So the new makes me uneasy…

until God said something.

This is what The Lord was telling me and I am sure He wants you to hear as well…

God loves you!

He reminded me that I was His daughter… a Princess. He wants me to be with a guy that treats me as His daughter. As something valuable… more valuable than rubies. As something fragile. As something important. He reminded me that He wants the best for me. He wants me to feel loved. He wants me to feel cared for. He wants me to feel protected. He wants me to feel desired. He reminded me of who I am. How I was made. What I am good for, what I can do, what I have done. To God, I am a pretty big deal. So he asked “why are you not with someone that thinks you are pretty big deal?”

This new guy is super sweet. He stands so close to me that makes me feel so small, so protected, so cared for, so important… a pretty big deal. I thank God for him.

Sis, maybe you are in the same boat as me and you keep pushing away a pretty amazing guy. Maybe you keep going to the same kind of guy, the kind that just makes you cry, or sad, or feel unworthy. Maybe you don’t feel like you deserve someone like “Dominic”.

I just want to encourage you to learn to see yourself as a pretty big deal. God already sees you like that why don’t you?


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