The 3 guys had this in common…

Ah! Easter! I love Easter!

Not only because the cold weather is leaving and the warm weather is making its random appearances but because we remember the greatest act of love!!! Jesus dying for me… and you too but you know this is all about me.

Kidding of course!!!

I get all the feels when I think of it. AND THIS IS WHY I wanted to write this blog.

I wanted to let you in a little sign my Heavenly Father and I have when “picking” guys.

Don’t worry! Me telling you this won’t hurt my judgement when picking the next guy. I know when it’s fake. I will explain what it feels like when it feels fake.

Ok, so if you are a reader of my blogs you by now know that have been three guys in my life. And by “in my life” I mean they changed me in big ways… some of them I dated… some of them I didn’t. BUT my goodness they are markers for my life and my walk with The Lord.

As you also might know is that I don’t date or fall for just anyone. So God and I have this thing that gives me the green light…BUT the sign is just an “ok, my daughter he is safe!” BUT the guy has free will. This sign doesn’t tell me he will be my husband. This just tells me he is safe for me to “pursue” and you all know what it looks like for me to pursue right? I pray the list for him. After I see this sign I go full force meaning praying for him, studying him, looking for patterns… it’s a science.That’s how I pursue guys.

Ok now that I have explained this, we can get to what the sign is.

So when I meet a Christian guy that I can see myself being his helper, I ask for the sign. And the sign is the guy sharing Jesus dying on the cross, BUT the way he says it has a lot to do! If he gets emotional about it… then it’s a green light.

Here is the beauty of this sign… I remember the three guys telling the story and the three of them LOOKED and SOUNDED different BUT THEY FELT the same.

I have heard guys tell the story and felt nothing. I remember a guy sharing about Jesus getting whipped and ended up comparing it to his CrossFit WOD! Ugh!

I felt nothing!

And I know I know! I always tell you that feelings are not a way to measure anything but this “feeling” comes from the Holy Spirit! This feeling is almost like an activation that happens in my heart when I see a guy so on fire for Christ! Its just different!


What’s the point of dating a guy that knows (WITH HIS HEAD) the story of Jesus dying for him but has a heart disconnected to what really happened?

A guy that loves Jesus more than you is a guy that will ask you to do difficult things for Christ. A guy that loves Jesus more than you will protect your walk with Him. A guy that loves Jesus more than you will not be stopped BY YOU!

I’ve seen TONS of guys on fire for God and the moment they get a girlfriend, the moment they get cold. The moment that focus their attention on the girlfriend and their mission focus goes to second place.

Girls! And just like that LOVE JESUS MORE THAN THE GUY YOU THINK YOU LOVE. Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Fall in love with a guy that gets that warm feeling when talking about Jesus. That guy is worth it!


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