Always that road!

I always pick the hardest road!

This blog might not be super relatable but I sincerely hope that somehow God speaks to you with this… since it is Him who I think wants me to write about this!

I don’t know if you are anything like me but if you are, you probably feel like you live a difficult life.

Finding a boyfriend is difficult. Friendships are difficult. Your career is difficult.

No, just me?

I was complaining to God the other day about how my life has always been so difficult!!! And even today is so difficult!!! Being Esli yall is something! 💁🏼‍♀️

I was mad at God because here I am doing as good as I can… worshiping always, working hard, obeying his commands and all that good Christian life stuff… and the husband is nowhere to be found. The one prayer request I have not gotten an answer for. And I see some girls getting boyfriend after boyfriend and guys attention and all they do is go to the gym, put make up on and post semi-naked pictures on Instagram!!! What the heck right?!?! Here I am witnessing to single women thru this blog that is being read in 22 countries, giving my free time to orphans and helping starting churches all over San Diego and Tijuana… and trying to eat healthy and get to the pool in these cold days! Give this girl a break!!! Life is unfair yo!

Yeah… there are moments when the ugly in Esli comes out and thinks like this… oh what? You don’t have those moments? Liar!

As I am shaking my fist to God, He quickly reminded me about how I have always done life in a difficult way.

Asking my mom some questions I realized I have gone the difficult way since I was 8 months old.

According to my mom’s records, I started walking when I was 8 months!!!! 8 months!!!!

I went to my first karate class when I was 4 years old!!! My mom says that I was so into the teenage mutant ninjas turtles that all I wanted to do was KARATE!!! 🥋🤛🏻

When I was in elementary, I made it to the flag escort in my school. I remember that was difficult, but I made it because I wanted to be it!!!

My grades needed to be perfect and I had to learn all kinds of stuff about the Mexican flag 🇲🇽 and history.

When I was 13 and I had decided to love my dad (biological) (which was also difficult but I REALLY do not wanna get into that) I remember that one trip I had with him where we went fishing 🎣 and hunting 🙊.

It was difficult because one I did not like him (I was just getting to know him) and two killing animals was not in me per say… I still love steaks tho!

Shooting a rifle was hard but I got it after a couple of tries!!! And I had a really cool relationship with my dad after that trip!

Then when in high school, I picked to be working on my associate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemical Biology because that would give me better chances to get into medicine school. Oh yeah! I picked to be a doctor 👩‍⚕️ every time they asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Then when I was in college, after the medicine School deal didn’t come to be, I started working at Americorps and they asked me to pick which school I wanted to work at and I picked the School with the multiple-disability classroom.

I helped there and that’s how I needed up as a ABA therapist.

When I was an ABA therapist, I always picked the most difficult cases because I REALLY wanted to make a difference in a kids life! I had cases where I ended up in the ER because of injuries.

How I needed up working with Nick Vujicic and in the Joni and Friends institute, that’s a whole story about how difficult that was!!!

And even if you look at the guys I have been super in love with, there is some sort of level of difficulty in them as well.

All of these random stories just to tell you that I ALWAYS PICK THE DIFFICULT ROAD.

And the Lord quickly reminded me of all the people that has been impacted by my work, by my choices and by being just me.

Remembering all those “difficult choices or experiences” I realized that maybe it didn’t happen like being a doctor or dating the impressive guy… BUT ALL OF IT WAS A PREPARATION FOR WHATS COMING!!!

I love all those difficult choices, even the karate lessons I cannot remember! I like challenging experiences. I like challenging people!

And the moment that I complain to God about how difficult my life is, I will quickly remember how freaking amazing my life has been because I always challenged myself!!!

Dear future husband, I have all kinds of experiences to help me deal with you wink wink. I just hope you can deal with me! I still want to swim with great white sharks, learn how to drive a stick shift, milk a cow, sing with the watoto kids and I want us to have 6 kids! What do you think?

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