I’ve met the love of my life!

I’ve met the love of my life three times.

Does that sound weird to you?

I don’t believe in soulmates. I don’t believe in The One. I don’t believe in Mr. Prince Charming. I don’t believe that God has THE ONE FOR ME.

Before I get to explain that last thing I just said… let me share the three love stories that have made an impact in my life.

The first love of my life was a super cool dude. I met him when I was 17 and loving him for almost 7 years was great!! We had so much in common. Ah! I learned so much from this dude! I learned to pray for him. I learned so much about ministry! I learned how to be patient. I learned to lead worship and how to be intimate with God. It was GREAT!!! He is married now. But the second guy was a little bit better…

The second love of my life was a pretty amazing guy!!! I met him when I was 25. I loved him for 4 amazing years!!!! Man! This guy pushed me to do pretty awesome stuff. He saw a side of me I didn’t even know I had. He was a very ministry driven. He always pushed for me to be independent in ministry. He taught me to “figure it out”. He traveled a lot doing God’s work. I was his biggest fan. I mean I am still am. It’s just different. He is married now as well. But goodness the third guy was WAY BETTER!!!

The third guy. Awe! He is just impressive. Challenge after challenge and he (without knowing) pushed me how to grow! This guy is such a passionate man of God. He sacrifices his own comfort in order to do what God is calling him to do. He is super creative and has the best ideas ever. He has a pretty amazing brain. He is quick to forgive. Peacemaker to the bone! With this one… I learned to not be the one in charge. I learned that submit to someone’s authority and be “the helper” instead of the boss is actually more fulfilling!!!! I can speak more freely about this guy because he is not married yet. Haha!

God does not have a perfect guy for me… or for you!

If He did… He would say that in His Word… and then free will wouldn’t exist.

Look at my case. I have fallen in love three times!!! All three times I was sold out for each one of them. I saw myself living the rest of my earthly years with each one of them. To me the three of them were perfect… and to me… I would been the happiest wife/girlfriend ever!!!

But it looked as if God (and this is just my opinion) was just showing Himself to me. Showing me that with each rejection or heart break He would bring something better!!! Every guy is better than the other one. And I really believe that I am getting better and better with each one of them. God used each one of these guys to show me areas where I needed to grow. He is faithful!!!!

So no, I don’t believe that God has THE ONE for me. But I do believe that God brings people in our lives to help us work on areas. I believe that God brings people in your life that would be perfect for you… its up to you to make the move. Hopefully, you make the right move tho…

So sis, if you are stuck with that one guy you love so much… just give God a chance… maybe a better one is coming. Sometimes we have to let go something we want sooooo bad… something we are holding tight… so that our hands can be free for something better. Has God ever done something to hurt you? nah!

Oh how I Praise God for each of the loves of my life!! I really tried my best to be the best they had. Hopefully, me being in their lives was impactful as much they were for my life!!! And in some cases, I now see why I never ended up with them…

Now… hey #4, where is you?!

I can’t wait to meet you! I cannot even picture in my head how you can be better than the other ones… but I am so excited to meet you!!! And hopefully you will be MY LAST love of my life. ❤️


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