I wanna be “home”

Don't you feel like every guy out there is just waiting for the best next thing?

I do sometimes.

But then… I remember the kind of life we all live now.

Pornography is so accessible. Almost naked pictures of women everywhere!!! Facebook, instagram… they are everywhere!!! Including pictures of you… yeah you who is reading this post… maybe?
Online dating has soooo many apps where women are like an object in a catalog for men to pick from several women… they get to decide if they are good or not good enough and they swipe as rejection… only by looking at outer appearance… sad!

Can you tell how I feel about Online Dating? 😑😒


It's so very sad but it's so very true. We live in that!

Don't be discouraged tho.

If you are a Godly woman who strives to do what is right and what brings glory to you Heavenly Father… then my sister… this is your time to shine!!!

This is your time to be the different and rare woman. This is the time where guys find that rare ruby that has that something!! And that something is God in you!!!

Guys will go AND make mistakes AND get lost AND women are going to break their heart… but at the end of the day… They will always want to go where God is. One day a guy is gonna see you and think… "yup, she is home!"

But until then… you shine sister! You shine!! And get some souls to Christ!! That's what you should be focused on… ONLY!!!


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