I am too sexy for my blog


Do you like my title? I thought it was funny. Bear with me.

Sexy is not an adjective I use to describe myself… and it is not one that people use to describe me either.

Let's talk about my body shall we…
No! I am not gonna tell you what it looks like. I am just letting you in my mind.

So… I am always amazed of my body. It tells me when it's hungry. It tells me when it's time to go to the bathroom. It tells me when I am tired. It tells me when I overdid it in the pool. It tells me when I need to go to the surface to get air when swimming underwater. It tells me when I am ovulating and when my period is coming.
Uh… sorry gentlemen! But it's your fault for reading a blog that is intended for women only.

Anyways… God created such a great thing when He created my body!

The inside and the outside of my body is pretty amazing!
I am always amazed by the strength of my legs and my arms. I swim so I am get to experience them at work. The funny thing is that they don't look strong. You know? …like muscular. They are just normal arms and legs but strong as heck!

Of course there are parts of my body that I wish they looked different but at the end of the day I am still amazed by my body.

I was going thru my Facebook and I noticed that some of my female friends are also super amazed by their bodies too. So amazed that they would take pictures of their bodies in almost no clothes to show it off. Maybe cuz it's summer and it's too hot to have full clothes. Or maybe my friends are poor and they don't have clothes. 🤷🏼‍♀️

This is what I want to talk to you about.

Sisters… stop posting pictures of yourselves with almost no clothes.

Have you noticed Princess Kate? Have you seen her outfits?
They are so formal. They are so beautiful also. She is never showing her boobs or butt.

She is a real princess.
Aren't you supposed to be one?

Where did you leave your tiara?

Your Father is the king of kings. Wouldn't you think that you should be/act/talk/dress like one?

Girl, love yourself a little more.
Let's face it. We take pictures with no clothes or barely clothes and post them in social media because we want the guys' attention.

It can be that one guy or many depending of how broken you are! But that's another blog for another day.

Did I say "WE"? Yeah! I have done it! I know what I am talking about!

And I hope you love your body!!! It's a wonderful thing!!!
Just don't be showing something off that is for your man!!!

Let me see if I can paint a picture for you.
When you go on a picnic or eat outside and you have your food in your disposable plate… there is a big chance that flies can get to it unless you cover your plate with a napkin right?

And when you are ready to eat it you just uncover the plate and enjoy your food.

Same thing happens with your body. When you uncover too much of it, the wrong guys, the random guys, the flies get to you.

I know this is a very stupid example… I am hungry.

Here is the thing…
You want for your husband to be the one… THE ONLY ONE to enjoy every inch of your body. You want your future husband to be the only one that knows you… every part of you. What's the point of letting everybody and their grandpa to see your body.

Wouldn't you want to give yourself and only yourself to your husband?

Don't give yourself to a bunch of idiots that will never want anything from you other than to use your pictures to do something not pure (I won't actually call it) or to give yourself to someone that will never want to wifey you!

No brainer!!! You would think…

Ladies… this body gets old and wrinkly. Haven't you seen your grandma naked? Maybe soon! Maybe you would have to help her shower one of these days. I have!

If you get a guy with your body, then you better look the same way EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!
It's just stupid! Pure stupidity!

Proverbs 31:30 says that beauty will not last!!! Even back in the day naked grandmas didn't look too hot.

Love your body BUT most important… love your future husband RIGHT NOW… love him so much that you will let him be the only one that gets to uncover your yummy plate!

Man! I am hungry!

If you are wondering about how to get a good guy without those pictures as bait…

If your guy is not so sold about a GODLY WOMAN then he is one of those flies I was telling you about.

And before I go… I know a lot of you are wondering…

Yup… I am gonna get food. 😋


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