All I want is a burrito! 

It’s raining! 

My jacket is wet. My shoes are wet also. I am in a bus on my way to an orphanage. We had to walk almost a mile and cross the border to Tijuana where the orphanage is. I am listening to music wearing my headphones because I cannot stand Mexican (accordion or Banda) music and the noises the bus makes my ears hurt. I am typing this blog on my phone like almost all my blogs. Everybody seems excited to get to the orphanage. People are talking and here I am sitting alone in the seat. I might look like I am antisocial. Did I paint a picture for you? 

I am happy! 

I woke up with a bleh attitude but right now I am happy! I am smiling! I am excited to spend my day off in an orphanage. I have made some friends I really care about. 

I find meaning in things I do, how I spend my days, who I minister to, who I hang out with… 

There is a reason why I am still breathing. I know there is stuff for me to do here on earth. 

I am content with my life. 

Let me tell you a little bit about it… for those who don’t know me…

I oversee all the MicroSites for the Rock Church ( MicroSites are tiny churches all over San Diego where we take a big screen, projector and speakers and we have church with people on the streets. We live stream our services and that’s how we take The Rock church everywhere! I know! So cool! 😉

I also teach the women at The Rock church Hiking Ministry. Such a GREAT ministry!!! Such an awesome family! Many singles there… just saying! 😍(

And I also help at #Unity4Orphans ❤️

We go twice every month to different orphanages and love the crap out of children! ( 

Today, we are going to my favorite orphanage. I get to love this little one that has my heart!!! A 9 month baby who I love kissing, feeding, hugging, making him laugh and even change his diaper!! 

And the most important thing about my life is that I love Jesus Christ and He loves me back! I have a direct connection with Him. I talk to Him every day… all day! He talks to me! I try to obey His commands as much as I can! AND I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT I WISH I COULD BE HOME WITH HIM TODAY!!! 

No, I am not being suicidal or anything like that… I just know what I was made for and what my future looks like because of what Jesus did in a cross for me. 

This is me! 

This is Esli! 

I don’t want anything right now! 

I don’t need anything else right now! 

Although, one of my friends was eating a burrito with coffee that looked really good!!! I could use a burrito right now…

Yum!! A burrito!!!

I know I write about Praying While Waiting.

I know I write about crushes. I know it looks like I am in constant look out for my husband. BUT I am not. 

Did you know that most of my stories are just inspired by people I minister to?

Did you know that some of the blogs I post here were written a LONG time ago? 

Did you know that I had to buy more iCloud space because the amount of writings I have in my phone? 

Do I fall for guys? 

Oh heck yeah! 

Specially the ones with a beard! 😍

I don’t know. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🐻

Am I talking to someone right now? 

Yeah… I am currently talking to a guy. 

Do I see a future?

Not really! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Why am I still talking to him?

Because for some odd reason he is in my life! 

Am I specting to make an impact in his life? 


That’s my life’s mission!!! 
All I want right now is a burrito!

Ah a surf and turf burrito sounds pretty amazing!! 

Seriously, I am getting hungry! 
Do I want a serious relationship? 

YES!! One day… right now tho… 

I don’t know! 

The reason why I don’t know is because I cannot afford to fall in love with a dream. I cannot fall in love with someone who only lives in my head. I’ve done that way too many times. 

What do I mean?

You know how you start to think or crush on someone and in your mind that person is just perfect but then the love either fades away or it forces you to get over it and you see the guy for who he really is and you are like… 

“uh… who are you? In my head, you were perfect!”

I can’t keep fantasizing on something that is just one way. Something where there is love going out from me but no love coming in my way.

Now, I want to fall in love with someone imperfect. I wanna fall in love with someone that is real!

And this time, I want to be the one that’s being pursued. I want him to make the first move. Pray for me! It’s so difficult for me to really just stay put and let the guy make the moves. But for once… I want something different. 

I want to be wanted!

I want someone to want me the way I want a burrito right now!!!! 


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