oh feelings…


Feelings are real!

They can ruin your day or make it the best day ever!

Today, I wanna encourage you to have feelings!

I know, I sound kinda weird…

But keep reading!

One of my girls was not having a good day.

And when we were texting, she texted me this:

“I don’t even understand why it makes my heart so heavy. It was a crush.” 

Crushes are a serious thing!

I don’t know you but I take them seriously!

I am one of those “all in” kinda girl!

When I love, I love full force!

When I care, I do it without thinking of myself.

When I crush, Oh my gosh!! 😳

AND I KNOW A LOT OF YOU ARE THE SAME AS ME!!! I know a lot of you love with all of you! I know a lot of you care with all your heart!! So…

Treat a crush like a serious thing!

Don’t let others tell you how to feel.

Don’t let others tell you that your situation is small!

Don’t let others tell you that a crush is nothing!

It’s ok to feel! Just don’t sin when feeling!!!

It seriously bothers me when you ladies tell me stuff like:

“I know he is just a crush and it’s stupid! I have never really talked to him but it hurt me seeing him with that girl!” 


“I feel so dumb! We are not even dating!”


If it is affecting your emotions, it means it is important for you.

And if it is important to you, you don’t think it’s important to a Heavenly Father who is MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU??!!!???

(Psalm 8:4)

And you know how I am gonna finish this blog… Right?

Yup… Pray!

Please show HIM (God) your feelings when talking to God! Tell HIM about them!

Tel HIM what you feel and why. He already knows but HE wants HIS little princess to come to HIM and vent with HIM.

HE is a good good FATHER!!!

I love you!



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