“It is not you, it is me!”


Like my title?

“It is not you, it is me!”

Ah that phrase!

Don’t you love it? 😑

I’ve got it a few times… Well more than a few… Way too many times, if you ask me…

So when a guy tells you “it is not you, it is me!” …well… Ok… Are you ready for the ugly truth?… it is you!

In the guys’ eyes IT IS YOU.

I know! I know!

It’s a bit too harsh for me to say.

Here is the thing.

Let’s get real!

He is just not into you.

It’s ok!

Not a big deal! He might be an idiot!

Let’s talk about it shall we?

First let’s talk about you!

If you love the Lord, if you fear the Lord, if you serve The Lord… If you are after your Father’s business… If you are after Gods heart… THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!!! The Bible says you should be praised!!!!!

Yes, I know I just said it is you and that i might be contradicting myself over here.

In the eyes of the guy that says this to you, yeah! It is you. But that doesn’t make him RIGHT!

Some guys are way too into the perfect woman according to society. You know the one that Victoria Secret uses for their underwear campaign. Some guys go with the ones that look hot with hoodies and unwashed jeans, I know weird. Some guys will only go for Asians or Mexicans or… You get it! Some guys have super low self esteem that like to go for past girlfriends or “like” old lovers because that’s all they think they deserve. Some guys would rather a beautiful body other than a heart that follows Jesus. Some guys will not go for someone who is independent and successful in ministry because they are too afraid and they have identity crisis, so heck they will never go for someone successful. Some guys are just too overwhelmed with their shortcomings.

Sorry guys! Don’t hate me. If you are reading this… I am not talking about you! I said SOME Haha  …and I know… Us women have stupid reasons too!

See why it is super important to pray for the men?… Those dudes need the prayers!

When I said that yes, it is you!

I just means THAT guy doesn’t want you.

Don’t get mad at him.

Don’t hate him.

Don’t curse him.

But instead pray for him… Just one last time… Telling your father that you are done praying and that hopefully the other girl will pray for him the way you have been praying…

Remember my last blog!

If the guy doesn’t go for a ruby, he is not worth the ruby!

If the guy goes for a simple rock, he has no idea of the value of real rocks… You don’t want someone like that…

Would you give your life, your dreams, your plans, your desires to someone who cannot tell between rocks?!?!

Please say no!

Yeah… In his eyes, it is you. You don’t meet the qualifications (usually stupid ones) a guy has…

But like I said… If you are a true example of a proverbs 31 woman, you wait for a guy like Boaz.


Remember that for God you are His princess, you are His ruby! In His eyes YOU ARE PERFECT!!!

You want a guy that sees you with the same eyes God sees you with…

I love you!

And I am so sorry he cannot see your worth…





Let me share a bit more of my personal rejections yeah?

I have been told several “reasons” why they won’t go out with me… 

One time a guy I was seeing told me that he had stop seeing me because he met this one girl who in his words she was “on fire for The Lord” and that she was on “another level with Jesus”… They got married… She cheated on him and he came back to me wanting another chance… 

Another time a guy told me that he wasn’t into me because in his mind my boobs should be bigger! My boobs are just fine and there is no way I could carry anything bigger than what I’ve got! 

Another time a guy told me that I was “too passionate for Jesus” that he wouldn’t want to compete… Hahaha I know stupid!

Some still hurt… Not gonna lie… 

But then I am reminded that my Father LOVES me and that He has never rejected me. The creator of the universe. The one that has you living. The one that keeps your heart beating LOVES YOU!!!! 

Heck! Whatever a stupid mortal tells you has no weight you know?!?! 

(Raising my glass of water) 

To new stupid mortals! Haha 😉


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