Some of you had some questions…


So I have something I wanna talk to you about! 
Ok… I just hit my face with my phone… I accidentally dropped it on my face!…And I think my lip is bleeding! 

Yup! It’s bleeding…I can taste it! πŸ™Š

I write these blogs using my phone…


Ok so I had a conversation with a few sisters! 

Here are some of the questions I got this week! (From different ladies)… This blog might be all over the place…I hope you can follow me! 

So I usually ask… “How is your prayer going?!” The other day I got “well… I am not praying right now… The thing is that I have more than one guy in mind!” 

Ok… So… I can’t function like that. I cannot have more than one crush. And of course I never count Vin Diesel cuz well… He is not saved. I don’t think he knows Jesus. That’s the ONLY reason why it would never work for us! πŸ˜‰ (Hahahaha!)

But in all honesty, I cannot have a crush on two guys. It’s too much work for me and my feelings! 

So here is something I am about to say that I know I will get hate messages but I kinda have to say it…

I always say that a Godly man is not a flirty man. I always say that a Godly man is a one woman man! 

So… I think…no! I believe is the same way for women too! 

Now… Let me explain a little. 

I hear some of you say “well I see this characteristic I like in this guy and I like this about this other guy!” I get that! I really do! But here is the thing… You cannot call them crushes then! 

I believe that God can use some of our friends to show us some Godly characteristics that we might find attractive …but crushes?… Hmm… I don’t like it! 

Don’t fall for guys because they have only one characteristic that you love. You kinda have to like the bad and the ugly that the dude might have. 

Again… This is just my opinion! You can stop reading if you want to… But here is the thing…

Practice being faithful! Practice loving someONE who is never going to be perfect! Practice praying for one guy only!

And if you are really trying to figure out which guy is the lucky guy… Ask yourself this question: “Do I wanna be his helper?!” 

Look at Genesis 2:18

The Lord God said, β€œIt is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Do you wanna spend your days helping him with life here on earth? 

Think about it! Cuz there are way too many cute ones out there but… Do you really wanna be his helper?! 

Then I heard two different ladies say “I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone!… Not right now!” 

Good! Ok! That’s awesome! Way to go girl! Live your life and do ministry as much as you can! 

But then don’t be flirting with your brothers. Don’t be seeking their attention. Don’t be distracting them! Don’t be messing with someone else’s man! Not cool ladies! Not cool! πŸ˜‘

And here is a question that one of my adorable girls (when she came to visit me at home) asked me… 

“What if there is another girl following your list and praying for the same guy I am praying?” 

Here is what I have to say about that! 

Loving someone is all about self sacrificing… Dying to self! 

In all honesty, I would LOVE if there was another girl praying for my man! 

I like this guy SO MUCH that I would love for him to have more than just my prayers! I know he needs more than just my prayers. 

Here is the thing… I am not expecting to be rewarded with my man because of all the notes and the prayer list and the tons of prayers I pray. I am expecting for God to hear my prayers and help him be more and more like Christ! For him to find his walk with our Lord more and more enjoyable and exciting!! I want him to live a very adventurous life doing awesome things for our Father!!! And right now this is the only way I can help him!… By just praying! I am practicing being his helper by praying for him. That’s all I can do for right now! 

And the most important thing I am expecting with all this praying is that my heart changes! That my stupid ways change so that I can be more like my Father! 
I want you to want that too!!!! 

I love you ladies!!!

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