What The List is NOT…


A lot of my girls misuse my list!

The List is NOT…

1) A promise that God will give you who you are praying for.

The List is to love the guy you are having feelings for. You praying for the guy is you being FOR him. You being FOR him before Gods eyes. You see? The enemy is constantly accusing you to our Father. What a great way to love someone that to come before our Father’s presence and intercede for him. 

2) For you to fix your guy.

The List is for GOD TO DO THE FIXING!!! You don’t go and text him The List or Bible verses so that can “get it”. You go on your knees and love the crap out of te guy. Let God do the changing. He is better at that! 

3) Only for him.

The List is to be prayed for both the dude and yourself! You want him to be Christ like?! YOU HAVE TO BE CHRIST LIKE!!!

Now you know! 

Don’t give up! Keep praying! 

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