The List

One day… two years ago… I had a crush on an amazing Godly man. 

I felt all kinds of butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him… big ones and small ones. 

And every time I saw him I wanted to kiss his entire face and just hold him until he couldn’t breath. Have you ever felt like that for someone?

I SOOOO wanted to love him but I didn’t know how to love him without him knowing… until I thought of the most amazing way to love a guy!

I created a list of things to pray for… a list of things to speak to God FOR him. 

We, women, usually pray to God complaining about the guy, trying to control de situation, and even trying to tell God what to do. So this list will teach you how to be FOR your “crush”. This list will help you how to love someone by praying for him… by you interceding FOR him so that he can be more like the person God created him to be. 

This guy and I never happened. 

But this list happened. And it has been the best thing that could ever happened. 

Now…close to 100 girls have prayed or are praying this list… 

I AM PRAYING THIS LIST. (There is a really cute guy in my world!) 

How does this list work? 

Every day you pray for something different in the list. You can either follow the days or just randomly pray! 

The important thing tho is that you ALSO PRAY FOR YOURSELF!!! 



Day 1. Pray that he is growing Spiritually right now.

Day 2. Pray that he is listening to God’s voice.

Day 3. Pray that his ( the guys’) will would be bendable. 

Day 4. Pray for his ministry.

Day 5. Pray for him to get ready for when you come along and you both can do ministry together.

Day 6. Pray for his emotional health.

Day 7. Pray for his physical health.

Day 8. Pray for him to break free from any addiction.

Day 9. Pray for his career.

Day 10. Pray for him to be responsible with his finances.

Day 11. Pray that The Lord prepares him to be a father.

Day 12. Pray for him to not get distracted by other girls that God is not intending to use for his growth.

Day 13. Pray for his identity as a man, his masculinity and self-esteem.

Day 14. Pray for God to allow him to see you the way God wants you to be seen (with God’s heart towards me). 

Day 15. Pray that he has a desire to disciple others.

Day 16. Pray that his friends are pushing him to Jesus.

Day 17. Pray that he has a Godly mentor.

Day 18. Pray that God prepares him for your family. (My family is interesting… That’s all I will say) 

Day 19. Pray that he would know and experience the power of prayer.

Day 20. Pray that he will have ambition for his life (specially for the kingdom). 

Day 21. Pray that he is a good friend. 

Day 22. Pray that he has an accountability partner that is correcting him Biblically.

Day 23. Pray that he tithes.

Day 24. Pray that he is okay with change.

Day 25. Pray that he is learning how to listen.

Day 26. Pray that he will care for others.

Day 27. Pray that he enjoys his time with the Lord.

Day 28. Pray that he doesn’t have a casual view of God.

Day 29. Pray that he is sensitive of your feelings.

Day 30. Pray that God is teaching him to take responsibility.

Day 31. Pray for him to have trials.

Day 32. Pray that he would be an achiever.

Day 33. Pray that someone is taking care of his blind spots while he is not with you.

Day 34. Pray that he has a desire to be generous. 

Day 35. Pray that he is compassionate to others.

Day 36. Pray that God will prepare him for when you are sick. 

Day 37. Pray that he is a blessing to his family. 

Day 38. Pray for God to teach him to stop plans or change plans if it is because someone needs help or ministry.

Day 39. Pray that God is teaching him not to compare himself to others but to Jesus.

Day 40. Pray for God to teach him to be less selfish.

Day 41. Pray for God to teach him to control his anger.

Day 42. Pray that God reveals to him the importance to keep himself pure. 

Day 43. Pray that God teaches him to be obedient. 

Day 44. Pray for God to help him to be aware of what entertains him.

Day 45. Pray for him to fear The Lord.

Day 46. Pray for God to take away any fear of failure.

Day 47. Pray for God to teach him to control the words that come out his mouth. 

Day 48. Pray for him to give his dreams and plans to Jesus.

Day 49. Pray for him to rest when it is time to rest.

Day 50. Pray for him to not get discouraged by silly criticism.

Day 51. Pray for him to learn from feedback.

Day 52. Pray for God to show him what The Lord wants for him in his helper.

Day 53. Pray for him to use his resources.

Day 54. Pray for him to take that big step he has feared.

Day 55. Pray for him to have peace.

Day 56. Pray for his passion and motivation to keep going so that he won’t get burned out.

Day 57. Pray for God to open his eyes to those who are good soil for his ministry.

Day 58. Pray for him to have a personal cheerleader while you are not with him.

Day 59. Pray that God will protect him from people that won’t do any good in his life.

Day 60. Pray for him to trust God.

Day 61. Pray that he doesn’t find joy in arguing. 

Day 62. Pray for no pride in his heart.

Day 63. Pray that God is teaching him to imitate Christ’s humility.

Day 64. Pray that he has joy with what God has already given him.

Day 65. Pray that God is teaching him to forgive.

Day 66. Pray for God to teach him to protect his reputation.

Day 67. Pray that God teaches him what being successful is really about.

Day 68. Pray that God is teaching him to be an authority that represents Christ.

Day 69. Pray that God is teaching him about the importance to obey Him.

Day 70. Pray that his faith increases.

Day 71. Pray that God will teach him to be thankful for what he has.

Day 72. Pray that God will teach him how to focus.

Day 73. Pray that God gives him a desire to serve those who are under his leadership.

Day 74. Pray that God takes any fear of commitment away from his mind. 

Day 75. Pray that God helps him forget of any memory that is stopping him from being the man of God created him to be.

Day 76. Pray that God will protect his dreams at night.

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  1. Reblogged this on Knowing Him More and commented:
    A challenge I am going to take!
    My boyfriend of three years and I broke up about ten months ago due to differences in our faiths and overall paths of life. Although I am so very thankful to of had that person in my life, I learned how crucial it is to be equally yoked, especially in romantic relationships (whole post coming soon). So as a part of preparing my heart for the man I’ll marry someday, as well as preparing his heart via intercession and the creator of heaven and earth, I am going to pray for my future husband using this list!

    I want to encourage any of you single ladies who feel you are in a season of waiting to take this challenge! Not only will your future husband benefit, but God will also work in your heart throughout this prayer challenge!


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