So there is this one guy… now what?

Oh ladies! Don’t you love when a new guy arrives to your life and makes everything EXTRA beautiful again?! Haha I do!!! 

I was thinking about this blog last night when I couldn’t sleep cuz I was talking to Daddy about this guy that just showed up in my life!!! And this guy is A MAN OF GOD!!!  

And he is cute too! Not like Vin Diesel cute but close there! Ok but enough about him! 

It’s an amazing feeling! New hopes! New experiences! New challenges! New lessons! And maybe… Maybe… MAYBE new forms of pain… Let’s be realistic here! Not that pain is exciting but it happens…

Let me explain… I don’t just develop crushes and move on very easily! (Unless is Vin Diesel, that dude has the title of my #mcm since high school and will keep happening until I meet my husband of course!) I actually stay with the same crush and wait and wait and wait some more! But while I am waiting I pray and pray and PRAY some more!!! Last crush I had lasted almost two years… 

I consider myself super loyal…and sometimes kinda dumb. For me to stop a crush I need Jesus to intervene. Literally…

The things you do in those first days you are developing that new crush are critical! It shapes your behavior about this new dude! It shapes your walk with Jesus too! It shapes where you put Jesus in the new relationship or whatever it’s called! So here are some things I do when I JUST met a new dreamy guy!

Thing #1


I know I know! I always say that! 

But if you didn’t pray there is no way you can act like you are supposed to! 

You need to have that guidance and peace that prayer can provide! 

Pray that God will open a door so that you can get to know him better and pray that He provides a way for you and him to do ministry together!!

God answered my prayer with my last crush. I asked for him to open a door for me to be closer with him and do ministry together! GOD LISTENED!!!! πŸ˜‰

*NOTE: if the guy is not actively doing ministry somewhere HE IS NOT THE ONE!

If you are not actively doing ministry somewhere YOU ARE NOT THE ONE! 

That’s just my opinion, if you don’t agree with me, let’s talk… Message me! πŸ˜‰

Thing #2

Stalk him.

“Esli, you said whaaaa?”

Yup! This is the only time I am gonna say it’s ok for you to stalk him a little!

Ask people about him. 

Some of the questions I ask are:

So what’s his story? (If people around him cannot tell you stuff about him that rises a red flag to me! The dude must acknowledge God with his life story and one way to do it is by telling how amazing God is with his story)

Does he have a girlfriend? (I am hoping that you already know that he is not dating anyone but sometimes you get a “I don’t think he has a girlfriend but I do know that he was hanging out with Sarah” that’s something to consider!!) 

Is he on fire for the Lord? (Other people’s view of that person count big time) 

Go to where he serves at church and watch him serve. Watch closely to see how he deals with people. Watch SUPER CLOSELY to see how he talks to other women… A man of God is not a flirty kind. A man of God is a one woman kind of guy. 

I always look closely how the dude acts around homeless people, people with disabilities, the elderly, animals and children. 

Social media, ohhh my favorite! Haha

People show their true colors on social media!!! Go ahead stalk a little, look at pictures, look at posts, loot at his comments, look at his friends, look at who he is following, do all that asking God for discernment! Sometimes the guy can be super cute that it’s so hard to listen to the Holy Spirit. 

Also! Be super careful not to “like” a picture from last year! That can be awkward!!! 

Don’t be a psycho tho! Let me say that again…


Thing #3

Re-direct your thoughts to Jesus when you find yourself thinking of the new dreamy guy! 

All I have to explain about this is…


Be super careful about planning your wedding with this new guy! Remember you are not dating yet!!! Relax!!! Enjoy the ride!! 

Thing #4

Start praying FOR him not just ABOUT him.

There is a HUGE difference about this one! Yes! talk to God about him, He likes that but also remember to pray FOR him!!! 

If you have no idea where to start with how to pray FOR him I have a list of things to pray… Last time I checked, I had 70+ things in that list!! 

The List was my very first blog I posted! πŸ˜‰

Ladies, I am excited for this new adventure! Haha 

And I am super excited about praying for this guy!!!! 😍❀️ 

And even more excited to see how this gets me closer to my first love… JESUS!!! 

Hey! I am just a message away if you need some prayer or some encouragement!!! I love you!!! 


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